martes, 5 de junio de 2012

Business Management

This is a set of notes I took when I was in college, Im just trying to digitalize and toss away all my notes (my handwriting is not the best ever, I rather re read my notes in a printed and neat paper).. so skip this post if it does not interest you small business- 1 to 50 people where the owner manages it in a daily basis. The entrepreneur or owner is the person who owns or starts an organization. Only one in eleven people who think about starting a business actually starts it and around 7% of population make any kind of efford to turn their intentions into reality. 2/3 of new firms will survive 5 years. Small business administration a part of the us government which provide support and advocate for small businesses small business development center co sponsored by states and federal government, offers free or low cost help to existing and potential small businesses. . Incubator. A facility which offers subsidized space for businesses ... businesses in their earlier stages of operation. THERE WERE 23.7 MILLION SMALL BUSINESSES IN THE US IN THE YEAR 2003. } Small and medium enterprise , international term for small business INDEPENDENT SMALL BUSINESS , owned by individual or small group of people.

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